Using FTP to Upload Files

The last piece of the preinstallation puzzle is a means to upload files from your computer to your host. Do this with a program that uses the Internet standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Some of the best FTP clients are available free of charge:

■ FileZilla—Runs on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh;

■ CyberDuck—Macintosh-only;

■ CoreFTP—Windows-only;


You can even run a basic FTP client from your Windows or Linux command line.

For the purposes of this section, we focus on FileZilla, which is a simple FTP client application that connects to your web host and uploads your WordPress files with just a few setup steps. When you signed up with your host, most likely they gave you information about uploading files to their FTP server. Given its cross-platform character and its lack of cost, you might even find that your host has step-by-step instructions for setting up FTP with FileZilla—one of the authors' (McCallister's) host did!

After downloading and installing FileZilla, follow these steps to set up file transfer between your computer and your web host:

1. Launch FileZilla.

2. Go to File, Site Manager (or click the first icon on the left in the toolbar). A dialog box appears.

3. Click New Site to enter your information, as in Figure 11.2.

4. Here is where you insert the connection information you received from your host. This includes the following:

■ Host—This is usually the same as your domain name, with ftp in front, for example,

Servertype—This should always be FTP.

Logontype—For your website, this should usually be set to Normal. Anonymous FTP is for when you visit a software download site, where the keepers don't really care who you are. The Normal setting requires a password to get to.

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