What Is a Blog Entry

A blog entry is a separate posting to your blog. Blog entries, also known as posts, are the core of blogging. They can be composed sitting at your computer, sent in by email (see Chapter 2, "Starting Your Blog Right"), or even, using third-party tools, sent in via text message or transcribed from a voice message.

Functionally, a blog entry can be as short or as long as you want. Your blog visitors will expect a complete thought of at least a few sentences, though a "coming soon" announcement or a quick update can be briefer.

If there's any such thing as a typical blog post, it's about the length of a newspaper editorial, six to eight paragraphs of a few sentences each. Much longer posts are all too common, but are often a misuse of the medium and unlikely to be read by some of your visitors. We recommend that you include images in your posts as often as possible. Using images in your posts is described in Chapter 6, "Using HTML in Your Widgets and Blog." Some large blogs require contributors to include at least one image per post. The result is that the blog is much more interesting and evocative to visitors than a blog with few or no images. If the image is for general, illustrative purposes, you don't even need to reference it explicitly in the text.

Including audio and video in your posts is quite different and there's a lot to consider. There's a difference between linking to audio or video in your post because it's relevant to your theme versus focusing your posts on audio and video, creating and being responsible for the content yourself. We delve into the details of using audio and video in Chapter 10, "Adding Upgrades, Audio, and Video."

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