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YouTube is an incredible resource for web video. There are other sites with some similarities, but YouTube is what's called a category killer, a leader that defines the market, sets standards, and holds most of the market share.

Of course, a "market" usually involves money, and money has been hard for YouTube to find. Even with the deep pockets of Google, which acquired YouTube a few years ago, behind it, there's still a lot of concern about whether YouTube can make enough money to be viable.

Until things change, YouTube will do a lot for you, all for free. You can use YouTube to upload video to the YouTube site. YouTube will compress the video—quite harshly, but, as the saying goes, whaddya want for nothing? YouTube will then host it and provide you with the HTML code to paste into your web page. All you need to do is paste the code in and be thankful you can get so much done for you for free.

If YouTube isn't good enough, WordPress offers a great alternative: VideoPress. For about $60 per year, you get free hosting for your own videos and as much bandwidth for downloads as you need. You control the degree of compression and much more.

In between YouTube and VideoPress is the option of using a WordPress.org-supported blog. With such a blog, you have complete flexibility. You determine—along with your hosting provider—what video you make available and how much bandwidth you use.

Between YouTube, WordPress.org-supported blogs, and VideoPress, you have a solid continuum of alternatives for hosting and streaming video.

Support for Video File Playback

Ironically, support for video file playback is less problematic on the Web than support for audio file playback. Most video playback requires Flash — and that's about it. Because WordPress uses Flash for its uploader, you and every other WordPress blogger are just about certain to have Flash already (along with many millions of other people).

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