Adding Widgets for Code Free Customization

If the thought of mucking around with code makes your skin crawl, worry not. Widgets let you customize your WordPress theme without writing a single line of code.

To use widgets, you need a theme that supports them, which means a theme that has sections defined as sidebars. Finding out whether your current theme supports widgets is very easy: Check the navigation bar of the Themes panel for a Widgets link. Click that link, and you'll be taken to the Widgets panel of the current theme. If that theme doesn't support widgets, you'll see an error message with a link to some WordPress documentation about making your theme widget compatible (Figure 11.9). That caveat aside, lots of themes support widgets, and they really do make customization easy.

Themes Widgets Theme Editor

Vol are seeing this message because the theme you are currently using isn't widget-aware, meaning that it has no sidebars LhiU you dm i: !>■ to change. Fut lin.'1: on making your ihefnu widyHl-dwirti, pludi+d IVjiiow llm^e nijitiuLLiu'iii.

Figure 11.9 Widgets can be used only with themes that have defined sidebars. If your theme doesn't have at least one sidebar defined, you'll see this error.

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