Applying widgets

Widgets don't have an installation process of their own, because they're actually specialized plug-ins (or additional parts of traditional plug-ins) that add functions to your sidebar. You install widgets by installing plugins that exist solely to add widgets or that have companion widgets in addition to other features. I cover this topic in more detail in Chapter 13.

To add a widget to the selected sidebar (refer to the preceding section), follow these steps:

1. In the Available Widgets section of the Widgets panel, find the widget you want to use, and click its Add link.

A blue bar representing the widget appears in the Current Widgets section, with an Edit link in the bar. (I discuss this link in "Reordering and removing widgets" later in the chapter.)

2. Repeat Step 1 for each widget you want to add (Figure 11.12).

Figure 11.12 Adding two widgets: Pages and Calendar.

Current Widgets

Sidebar 1 ; I rShow^

You are using 2 widgets in the sidebar. Add more from the Available Widgets section.




3. Click the Save Changes button.

You've just added widgets to your blog. Not that hard, huh?

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