Customizing the Current Theme

Widgets are great ways to make a theme all your own without digging into the actual code of a theme. There are limits to what widgets alone can do, though, and as you become a more advanced WordPress user, you'll run into some of those limits. Luckily, with just a small amount of code editing you can really change the look and functionality of themes.

Suppose that you've applied the Author's Grid theme (refer to "Installing the theme files" earlier in this chapter) but don't care for the big gray square on the right side (Figure 11.27). Luckily, you can replace it with something more to your liking.

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Figure 11.27 My blog with the Author's Grid theme applied. You may want to get rid of that big gray box.

Customizing a theme requires you to edit the files that make up the theme itself. You can work with the files in either of two ways:

• Use your favorite text editor to edit the files in the theme directory.

• Use the built-in Theme Editor feature of WordPress to handle the editing duties.

In the following sections, I discuss both methods.

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