Dealing with Comment Spam

I've mentioned comment spam more than a few times already, because it's a big problem. For very little money, people can program small applications (called bots) to search the Internet for blogs and leave comments full of links to various sites of ill repute. Luckily, WordPress now ships with a plug-in that can really help your fight against comment and trackback spam. (For more on trackbacks, check out Chapter 5.)

The Akismet plug-in—made by Automattic, which also created—adds a step to the comment-vetting process. When a comment is submitted to a blog that's running Akismet, the Akismet Web service runs several tests on that comment, comparing it with known spam comments in a large database. These tests run very quickly. Then Akismet marks the comment as spam if it meets the criteria or passes it along to the next step in the comment system. (Depending on how you have your blog set up, that next step usually is the moderation or publishing queue. See Chapter 5 for help on deciding whether to moderate your comments. )

You don't know it yet, but you're going to love this plug-in.

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