Default article settings

The options in the Default Article Settings section apply to all of your posts, and as you see in Figure 5.21, they're all enabled when you install WordPress.

Default article

^Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article (stows


down posting.)

0 Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and


Allow people to post comments on the article

(These settings may be overridden for individual articles.J

Figure 5.21 Article defaults are oddly named but useful.

Figure 5.21 Article defaults are oddly named but useful.

Here's what the three options mean:

• Attempt to Notify Any Blogs Linked to from the Article (Slows Down Posting). When you link to a blog post, WordPress attempts to notify the recipient of the link so that he can track who's linking to his post. This notification is known as a pingback. Then the linked blog can be configured to list all pingbacks (as well as trackbacks, which are basically the same) on a given post, thereby linking to your post on the post you linked to.

Why would you want to turn this option off? As the setting's name itself notes, it slows posting slightly (though I've noticed hardly any slowness). The main reason for clearing this check box is to keep your blog private, if you don't want to broadcast to the world the fact that you're blogging.

• Allow Link Notifications from Other Blogs (Pingbacks and Trackbacks). This features tells your blog to accept, and display, the trackbacks and pingbacks that other blogs send to your blog.

If you decide to send out pingbacks, you should also accept them note (which is only polite!).

• Allow People to Post Comments on the Article. This setting enables or disables comments on posts at the system level. Out of the gate, WordPress assumes that you want people to comment on your posts, so it enables comments. If you'd rather not deal with comments, simply clear this check box.

No matter what you set here, you also have the option of enabling or disabling comments on a per-post basis.

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