Downloading a theme

When you find a theme you're interested in, click its name to see more information about it (Figure 12.1), such as how it's tagged and what its user ratings are. You can also click the Author link to find other themes by the same person.

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Figure 12.1 Expanded information about the Elements of SEO theme.

Figure 12.1 Expanded information about the Elements of SEO theme.

The right side of the theme-detail page features a large red Download button, as well as some version information and the date when the theme was last updated. The coolest feature of this page, though, has to be the green Preview button. Clicking that button loads some dummy content into the theme so that you can see what the theme looks like in your browser of choice. You can click around in this demo blog and see all the features of the theme in action—a great way to get a feel for the theme and see whether it's what you're looking for.

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