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You know how to get images into your posts now. But what if you want to change an image's settings? You don't have to delete it and start from scratch. If you move your mouse pointer over an image in a post that you're editing or writing, the two icons shown in Figure 6.24 appear.

Figure 6.24 Click the landscape icon to edit the picture's settings or the "prohibited" symbol to remove the picture from the post.

The red circle with a line through it—the universal "prohibited" symbol— deletes the image from your post. It doesn't delete the image itself, though; the image still exists in your images folder.

The other icon, which looks like a nice landscape, opens the Edit Image panel (Figure 6.25), which gives you access to a host of image settings.

Edit Image Advanced Settings




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Edit Image Title


Edit Image Caption

A fat bunny doodle

Link URL


None | j Current Link j ^ Link to Image j

Enter 3 fink URL or dick above for presets.

1 Update ¡ 1 Cancel ¡

Figure 6.25 Editing an image's settings.

Figure 6.25 Editing an image's settings.

One of the best things about this panel is the simulator section at the top, which shows you what your image is going to look like in the post with the settings that you apply. This preview updates in real time, so you never have to wonder what your changes will do to the final product.

While you're looking at the top section, take note of the Size column, which you can use to adjust the size of the image. Clicking one of the percentage values makes the image smaller (in the case of all values less than 100 percent) or larger (all values greater than 100 percent). Keep in mind that this setting affects the image's appearance; it doesn't make the image file take up any less space. A huge image will still take a while to download, even if you set the size to 60 percent.

I've already covered the rest of the settings in this panel, but it's good to note again that you can change any of them at any time.

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