Finding Plug Ins

Just as the best place to find themes is the WordPress Theme Directory, the best place to find plug-ins is the official WordPress Plugin Directory ( This page is your one-stop shop for all WordPress-related plug-ins (well, most of them anyway).

The plug-in directory has three sections:

• Newest Plugins

• Recently Updated

You can also search for a particular plug-in by name or by a subject if you want your WordPress blog to do something but aren't sure whether a plug-in is available to handle the job.

Each plug-in entry lists a bevy of information about the plug-in: description, installation instructions, frequently asked questions, screen shots, and stats (how often this particular plug-in has been downloaded). Some plug-ins also have an information link.

In the right column, below the orange Download button, is even more information about the plug-in (Figure 13.11), including the version number and a link to previous versions (if any).


Pay close attention to the version of WordPress that the plug-in requires and what it's compatible with. If the version of WordPress you're running falls outside those boundaries, you shouldn't install the plug-in.

Figure 13.11 Lots of information is listed on the right side of the plug-in's page.

Version: 1,3.2

Other Versions »

Last Updated: 2008-7-26

Requires WordPtess Version: 2.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 2.6-afpha Plugin Homepage »

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