Formatting Emoticons

Emoticons (also known as smileys) are all the rage with the kids these days, or so I'm told, and WordPress can cater to the emoticon set. If you check the pertinent check box in the Formatting section, WordPress automatically converts emoticons to graphic representations of the various smiley faces (Figure 5.13). This functionality can also be triggered by typing certain key terms, such as :lol: and :cool:.

Figure 5.13 Emoticons make me smile.

Enabling emoticons allows both commenters and bloggers to use them.

For a full list of the default emoticons and the text needed to tip insert them, check out the official Smilies WordPress Codex page at ;)

You can add your own custom smilies by replacing the files in root/ wp-includes/images/smilies, where root is the directory in which WordPress is installed. Be sure to replace the files with small GIF files that are named the same way.

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