Inserting an image from the

If you're sure that you can use this method (refer to the nearby sidebar), you need to provide a few pieces of information:

• Source. Enter the URL of the image you want to insert. After you enter something in this text box, WordPress tries to find an image at the URL you provided (assuming that you're connected to the Internet). Depending on what it finds, WordPress displays a green check mark next to the Source text box if the image is reachable or a red X if the image can't be retrieved.

• Image Title. The image title, which is required, is used in the TITLE attribute of the image. This attribute is commonly used to describe an element on a Web page, so make sure that your title is appropriate.

• Image Caption. A caption serves double duty. Some themes display the text you enter here below the image and also use it to populate the image's <a1t> tag. (The <a1t> tag contains the text that you want to show up in the user's browser when the image can't be displayed or the person who's looking at your site is using a text-only browser.)

• Alignment. This setting determines how text flows around your image. None causes the image to sit above the text. Left aligns the picture to the left side of the post, and the text flows around it. Center places the image in the center of the post, and text doesn't flow around the image. Right is the opposite of Left.

• Link URL. Entering a URL in the Link URL text box turns the picture you're inserting into a link to said URL. You can enter any URL you want in this box or click the Link to Image button, which populates the text box with the URL of the image itself (which will be the same as the Source setting). This feature is useful if you plan to insert a thumbnail of a picture. People can click the thumbnail to see the image at full size.

When you have the settings to your liking (Figure 6.15), just click the Insert into Post button. WordPress inserts the image at the location of the insertion point in the post.

From URL

Source V

Image Title *

Image Caption

Also used as alternate text for the image

Link URL

iNont i Link to image Enter a link URL or dick above for presets.

| Insert into Post;;

Also used as alternate text for the image

Figure 6.15 Notice the check mark next to the Source text box; it means that WordPress found the image.

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