Managing Comments

All roads lead to comment management, it seems. You can get to the Manage Comments panel in several ways:

• Right Now bar. When you log in to the Dashboard, right below the orange Right Now bar, WordPress displays the number of comments awaiting moderation (Figure 10.8). Click the link for those comments to open the Manage Comments panel, filtered to show only comments awaiting moderation. (To open the panel in an unfiltered state, click the link for total comments instead.)

Figure 10.8 The Right Now bar gives you instant access to comment statistics.

• E-mail link. You can click the "moderation panel" link in the comment notification e-mail (refer to the preceding section) to get to the Manage Comments panel.

• Comments link. The navigation bar in the administrator interface contains a Comments link that takes you to the Manage Comments panel. When comments are waiting for moderation, a little speech bubble containing the number of waiting comments appears to the right of the Comments link (Figure 10.9).

Figure 10.9 A red speech bubble alerts to you to new comments.

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