Moving on up to superadvanced settings

The Advanced settings (Figure 9.6) are what I call super-advanced options. (I'll bet that they were reverse-engineered from alien technology.)

Advanced image Address RS5 Address Notes


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Figure 9.6 The advanced advanced options are very, very advanced.

In addition to being super-advanced, these options are very optional. Here's what you can do with them:

• Image Address. Some themes are designed to show an image next to the text of the link. (A good image for this purpose is a favicon—

a little icon that people can make for their Web sites; see the following tip.) If you want to associate an image with the link, enter the image's URL in this text box.

Find out more about favicons, and make one for your blog, tip by visiting Steve DeGraeve's Favicon Generator at

• RSS Address. In this text box, enter the address of the Web site's syndication feed. If you're linking to another WordPress blog, this URL usually is (replacing with the URL of the blog in question, of course).

For details on RSS, see the nearby sidebar "On Syndication Feeds."


Some themes make it easy for your readers to subscribe to the blogs in your blogroll by adding the RSS address to the list (based on the value you enter in the RSS Address text box).

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