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Text mode is your best choice when you want to write a long post about the page that struck your fancy. Click Press This while you're looking at a Web site to open the Press This dialog box, which opens by default to the Text tab (Figure 7.6). (If you aren't logged in to your blog, you have to log in first; then you're taken to the Text tab.) A link to the page you're viewing is entered in the Post text box automatically, and the Title text box is set to the title of the Web page.

The Text tab offers a subset of the features you find in the regular WordPress posting interface. This mini posting form uses the Visual Editor, but your formatting options are fairly limited. Still, you can boldface, italicize, and underline text; you can create block quotes, numbered lists, and bulleted lists; and you can insert links.

Finally, the right side of the tab provides controls for adding tags and categories. (For details on those features, flip back to Chapter 6.)

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Figure 7.6 WordPress starts you off in Text mode by entering a suggested title and the URL of the post you're viewing.

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