Remote posting

You have two choices for posting on your blog:

• Use the posting tools in the WordPress administration interface.

• Use a third-party desktop/mobile application to post to your blog.

The second option is known as remote posting in WordPress speak.

The protocols required to use a third-party blogging application (see the nearby sidebar) are disabled by default in WordPress as of version 2.6. Because most people use WordPress to post, the developers decided to close off all unnecessary protocols and possible attack vectors.

That being said, I'm unaware of any security holes in either remote posting protocols, so one of the first things I do in a WordPress 2.6 installation is enable both Atom Publishing Protocol and XML-RPC in the Remote Publishing section (Figure 5.14).

Remote Publishing

To post to WordPress from a desktop blogging client or remote website that uses the Atom Publishing Protocol or one of the XML-RPC publishing interfaces you must enable them below.

Atom Publishing □ Enable the Atom Publishing Protocol.


XML-RPC □ Enable the WordPress. Movable Type. MetaWeblog and Blogger

XML-RPC publishing protocols.

Figure 5.14 There are two kinds of bloggers: those who use a third-party blogging application and those who post directly in the WordPress interface.

If you don't plan to use a third-party blogging tool, you should leave these protocols disabled.

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