Searching the Theme Directory

Given that the Theme Directory is best of breed for free themes, in this section I show you how you can find themes there.

The directory is searchable, so if you're looking for a three-column theme, you could search for three columns. Also, all the themes are tagged by the developers who created them, so looking through the directory's Tags page ( is a great way to see what terms are popular and to get a sense for how themes are described.

The themes are divided into four categories:

• Featured Themes. These themes, featured prominently on the front page of the Theme Directory, are handpicked by the directory's editors and usually are at the forefront of theme trends.

• Most Popular. The directory tracks download statistics for each theme it contains and highlights those that are being downloaded most often.

• Newest Themes. This section is a chronological listing of the newest themes added to the directory.

• Recently Updated. These themes aren't the newest but have been changed recently.

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