Using the Press This Shortcut

At the bottom of the rightmost column of the Post panel is a section called Shortcuts. It's unclear to me why this section is called Shortcuts instead of Shortcut, because only one shortcut is listed, but such are the mysteries of life. The Press This link (the sole shortcut)—short for WordPress this—is actually a JavaScript bookmarklet. Bookmarklets are simple additions to your browser that don't actually bookmark Web sites; instead, they perform a task (or series of tasks) based on what Web site you're viewing. Drag the Press This bookmarklet into your browser's bookmarks bar, and you can post to your blog simply by clicking the link (Figure 7.5 on the next page).

Press This i

Figure 7.5 The Press This bookmarklet installed in Mozilla Firefox.

The Press This bookmarklet does a clever thing: It inserts the title and link of the page you're viewing into a post. Then you can simply post the link or add some commentary.

Press This also makes it very easy to post links, text, and video that you find while surfing the Net.


Remember to properly attribute anything that you use from another source (typically by linking back to the source).

When you click Press This while viewing a Web page, WordPress displays the Press This dialog box, which has four tabs representing the feature's four modes: Text, Photo, Quote, and Video. I discuss all four tabs in the following sections.

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