Working with galleries

Images are associated with the posts in which they are inserted, which allows you to create a gallery of images easily. When you upload multiple files to the same post, you'll notice that the Gallery tab has a number next to it in parentheses (Figure 6.18). That number is the number of pictures in a gallery associated with the post. You can insert images individually or insert multiple images as a gallery.

Choose File Gallery (7) Media Library

Figure 6.18 Image files that are uploaded through a post are attached to that post and automatically added to a gallery.

Why would you want to insert images as a gallery? This method gives you a little more control of how the images are displayed.

In this section, I give you a tour of the Gallery tab.

Make sure that you've uploaded at least two images to a post you're working on; otherwise, you won't be able to see the Gallery tab.


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