Creating forum topics using blog posts

Another useful feature is to automatically have forum topics created from blog posts. If you decide to use a plugin that offers this, you should set it up only on the main blog. At the time of writing, this could be accomplished using the bbSync plugin, which can be downloaded from the web site; however, there are plans to have this feature implemented in bbPress itself in a future version.

Pop quiz - doing the thing

1. bbPress is:

a) A "lite" version of WordPress.

b) A forum script designed to run in text-only mode, like the old Bulletin Board services.

c) A forum script created by the WordPress developers for users with WordPress and WordPress MU.

2. bbPress plugins go:

a) In/wp-content/plugins b) In /wp-content/mu-plugins c) In /bbpress d) In/bbpress/bb-plugins e) There are no plugins for bbPress

3. Your secret keys and salts:

a) Are the same as the keys and salts everyone else has.

b) Are randomly generated and not really that important—it's fine to run WordPress MU without having any set up.

c) Are randomly generated and are used as an extra layer of security. It's a good idea to set them, and you should keep them secret.

We have touched on some of the most interesting and useful features of bbPress and how it can be made to tie in to WordPress MU, but there are many more features you could explore. It is well worth exploring to see what others have done with their sites; hopefully, you will find some inspiration that will help in the development of your community!

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