Installing bbPress

To install bbPress, you will need some information about your WordPress MU setup. It's a good idea to have your wpmu-config.php file opened and be logged in to your WordPress MU admin panel, so you can find all the information you need quickly and easily.

There are a lot of forum scripts that can be made to work with WordPress MU through the use of some creative coding, including the ever popular phpBB. However, for the purposes of this book we will use bbPress, as it is designed for use with WordPress and WordPress MU, and it offers easy cookie and theme integration, as well as the ability to share account information between the two scripts. bbPress is used to power's own support forums, as well as the forums for several other large communities including Automattic and Technorati. This means when your community grows, you can be confident that bbPress will be able to keep up! Also, bbPress has a lot of out of the box nice features, including spam protection and support for gravatars.

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