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While working through this chapter, if you have seen some error messages such as Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted on your site, then you may need to make a change to your php.ini file.

Even today, many web hosts place very tight restrictions on the amount of memory available to PHP. Some hosts allow only 8 or 12 MB, which is not enough for WordPress MU.

If you are on shared hosting, you can change the PHP memory limit by opening your .htaccess file and adding a line that says php_value memory_limit 24MB.

If you run your own server, you can change the memory limit inside the php.ini fileā€”this is probably found in the /etc/php5/apache2 folder. You will need to restart Apache for the change to take effect.

WordPress MU uses a lot of memory, so you may need to set the value to be fairly high.

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