Performing a database backup via phpMyAdmin

Performing a backup via phpMyAdmin is a good alternative if you do not have shell access. Performing a database backup via phpMyAdmin is fast and convenient for smaller databases. However, it does not always work for very large databases, as the backup process may time out if it takes too long, depending on how your server is set up.

To perform a backup via phpMyAdmin, log in to the tool on your server, select the database you want to back up, and click Export.

You can leave all of the settings at default, but it is a good idea to click the ADD DROP TABLE... option, and select some form of compression for the backup. Select save as file and choose a compression type. When you click Go, you should be presented with a box asking you where to save the file.

Store the backup somewhere safe. If anything goes wrong, you will need to import the backup later to get the site working again!

It's worth checking the integrity of any file backups you have, especially if you have made extensive changes to any of the files.

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