We covered a lot of ways to offer new features to the users, and we also learned how to restrict access to certain powerful or dangerous features.

Specifically, we talked about how to allow users to select different themes and edit theme stylesheets. We also learned how to allow users to upload images and embed videos into their blog posts. We talked about the potential dangers of this and how to ensure that users cannot upload dangerous files.

We tidied up the admin panel so that users only see the things they need, and we set up a role system that gives different rights to new users compared to site staff.

Of course, our users should have some control over their own blogs, so we gave them the ability to restrict who can read their posts. We also allowed them to point their blog to its own domain name so that their blog is more personalized.

Additionally, we discussed some security concerns and server resource concerns that may arise from certain changes.

Finding the balance between giving users what they want and keeping the load on your server to a minimum is difficult, and it may take a little experimentation. Once your site is closer to being ready to launch, you could try doing a limited sign-up beta and experimenting with different permissions to get user feedback. We will discuss ways to limit signups in the next chapter and look at security in depth, along with a few other important site management techniques such as taking backups and fighting spammers.

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