In this chapter we have covered a number of ways to secure our blog, as well as ways to automate backups.

We talked about stopping spammers by using Bad Behavior and http:BL to stop bots from being able to comment and by using reCAPTCHA to confirm that any comments submitted were made by a human being.

We also talked about protecting your site from spammers and hackers using .htaccess file settings.

Protecting your site from hackers is vital, but hacking isn't the only threat to your site. To help protect yourself from data loss—either due to server failure or just a failed WordPress MU upgrade—we learned about automating database backups and emailing them to yourself so that you have a copy of the backup that is not stored on the same server as the site itself.

Finally, we looked at some ways to control who joins the site and learned how to manage the plugins that are active on your users' blogs.

We also discussed the ways in which you can help in the fight against spam beyond just protecting your own blogs, and looked at some other useful plugins that can help you manage your site, including making your site invitate-only and managing the blog categories available to your users by default.

Now that your site is a safe and spam free environment, it's time to bring in some users to liven the place up. In the next chapter we will look at ways to increase traffic and bring in users so that your blog network can become a thriving community.

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