Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introducing WordPress MU_7

What is WordPress MU 8

Making your own social blog network 10

What is BuddyPress 10

What is bbPress 12

Making and hosting my site 13

Choosing between VPS, dedicated, and grid hosting 14

VPS 14

Server requirements for WordPress MU 15

Recommended WordPress MU hosts 16

Building our example site: The SlayerCafe 16

Planning your site 17

Summary 18

Chapter 2: Installing WordPress MU_19

Tools you will need 19

Text editors 19

FTP clients and other tools 20

Setting up a local web server 20

Time for action - getting your server set up 20

Databases with MySQL 22

Preparing for WordPress MU—creating a database 23

Time for action - creating a database for WordPress MU 23

Time for action - subdomains for WordPress MU 24

Preparing your live server 26

Time for action - working with cPanel 26

User blogs with subdomains 26

Time for action - subdomains under WHM 27

One last thing—wildcards and Apache 28

Installing WordPress MU 29

Time for action - getting WordPress MU up and running 30

Changing the admin password 33

Time for action - changing the admin password 34

Letting people register 34

Time for action - enabling registrations 34

Testing your site 35

Time for action - creating a new user 36

Summary 37

Chapter 3: Customizing the Appearance of Your Site_39

Picking out a theme 39

Installing your new theme 40

Time for action - installing a new theme 41

Styling the sign-up page 44

Time for action - editing your theme 45

Setting the theme for your users' blogs 47

Time for action - changing the default blog theme 47

Customizing your home page 50

Time for action - making a sign-up button 50

Featured posts 51

Time for action - featured posts 52

Showing off your statistics 56

Time for action - simple stats 56

Displaying recent posts and comments 59

Time for action - displaying the most active blogs 59

Customizing AHP Sitewide Recent Posts plugin 61

Time for action - tweaking the recent post display options 61

Displaying Sitewide recent comments plugin 63

Time for action - Sitewide recent comments 63

The plugin display code 66

Time for action - our improved home page 67

Other important points 67

Summary 68

Chapter 4: Letting Users Manage Their Blogs_69

User management basics 69

Preparing the site for our users 70

Banned Names 70

Customization options for your users 72

Time for action - offering a selection of themes 73

User editable themes 74

Time for action - userthemes revisited 75

User roles and admin panels 78

Time for action - setting user levels and changing the user's 79

admin panel 79

Hiding the dashboard 81

Time for action - hiding the dashboard 81

More user options - privacy and using their own domain 83

Time for action - domain mapping 83

A few things to consider 86

Summary 86

Chapter 5: Protecting Your Site_89

Signing up for reCAPTCHA 90

Stopping spam with reCAPTCHA and Bad Behavior 90

Time for action - setting up reCAPTCHA 90

Bad Behavior 93

Time for action - setting up Bad Behavior 93

Making sure the plugins run for your users 98

Time for action - managing your users' plugins 98

Blocking bad guys with .htaccess 101

Time for action - .htaccess settings to stop bad guys 102

Other useful plugins 105

Moderating registrations 105

Taming your default categories 106

Regular backups without lifting a finger 107

Time for action - automatic backups 107

Summary 109

Chapter 6: Increasing Traffic to Your Blog_111

Improved tagging 111

Time for action - tagging blog posts 112

Sitewide tags 114

Time for action - sitewide tag clouds 114

Using pings 117

Time for action - pings 117

Trackbacks 118

Offering RSS feeds 120

Time for action - offering RSS subscription options 120

FeedBurner 122

Time for action - let's burn some feeds 122

Twitter and social bookmarking 126

Getting your readers to share posts 126

Time for action - social bookmarking links 127

More about traffic building 129

Summary 130

Chapter 7: Sticky Features for your Blog Network_131

What do people mean by "sticky"? 132

Letting readers and authors communicate 132

Contact forms 133

Time for action - setting up contact forms 133

Improved comments 135

Time for action - IntenseDebate Comments 135

Activating IntenseDebate on your users' blogs 140

Community features—gravatars 141

Time for action - gravatars in WordPress MU 141

Encouraging sign-ups with downloads for members only 143

Welcoming new visitors 144

Time for action - creating a welcome message 144

Related posts for visitors from search engines 148

Other ways to engage the community 149

Polls 149

Sitewide searching 149

Summary 150

Chapter 8: Adding Forums with bbPress_151

Installing bbPress 151

Time for action - installing bbPress 152

One login for both the forum and the blog 154

Time for action - user DB integration with WordPress MU 155

Handling new users 156

Time for action - blog and forum registrations 157

Seamless theme integration 157

Time for action - styling your forum 158

Managing your forum 160

Time for action - managing your forum 160

Managing your users 163

Time for action - setting user permissions 164

Useful plugins for bbPress 166

Time for action - installing plugins 166

Displaying recent posts in your blog 171

Creating forum topics using blog posts 171

Summary 172

Chapter 9: Social Networking with BuddyPress_173

BuddyPress 173

Setting up BuddyPress 174

Time for action - installing the BuddyPress suite 174

BuddyPress plugins explained 178

Working with Extended Profiles 178

Private Messaging 179

Friends list 180

Groups 181

The Wire 182

Activity streams 183

Blog tracking 184

Forums 184

Themes for your BuddyPress network 184

Time for action - installing new themes 185

Putting BuddyPress content on your front page 186

Hooking up BuddyPress to other social networks 187

Time for action - Facebook Connect 188

Integrating with Twitter 189

Improving your site's performance 190

Time for action - speeding up BuddyPress 190

The future of BuddyPress 191

Summary 192

Chapter 10: Monetizing Your Site_193

Ways to monetize your site 193

Advertising networks as a revenue source 194

Selling ads directly 195

Ads in RSS feeds 196

Donate links 197

Revenue sharing 197

Premium memberships 198

Selling products via your site 198

Managing ads on WordPress MU 199

Time for action - ad management with Advertising Manager 199

Revenue sharing 203

Time for action - revenue sharing 204

Premium memberships 205

MemberWing 206

EasyPaypal 206

Time for action - premium memberships 206

Other ways to monetize your site—stores 210

Things to remember when monetizing your site 210

Summary 211

Chapter 11: Site Optimization_213

Choosing to optimize your site 213

Speed up your site with caching 215

Time for action - setting up object cache 215

More ways to speed up your site—optimizing themes 217

Spreading the load 217

Time for action - spreading the load 218

More theme optimization 219

Optimizing your database 221

Time for action - optimizing your site through phpMyAdmin 221

Troubleshooting slow loading sites 223

Server side optimizations 225

Summary 227

Chapter 12: Troubleshooting and Maintaining your Site_229

Why worry about upgrades 229

Performing a safe upgrade 230

Performing a database backup via the command line 231

Performing a database backup via phpMyAdmin 231

Time for action - performing the upgrade 232

Troubleshooting—when upgrades go wrong 234

Troubleshooting—common problems 236

Time for action - restoring a backup 237

Protecting your site from hackers 238

Getting help online 241

Summary 243


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