Time for action creating a new user

For now, let's try making a new user and a new blog.

1. If you're not already logged out, click Log Out on the front page of the site.

2. On the front page of the site, click create new blog.

3. Enter a username and an email address. Leave Gimme a blog! ticked, and click Next.

4. Choose the subdomain you want, give your blog a title, and click Sign Up.

5. If everything goes well, you should get an email within a few minutes, and clicking the link in the email should send you to a confirmation page showing your username and password.

If your signup didn't work

If you don't receive the signup confirmation email, check the email settings in your WordPress MU control panel. If you get the email, but the link doesn't work, then the problem lies with the subdomains setting. A good place to look for advice when it comes to setting up WordPress MU is the official forums, which can be found at http://mu.wordpress.org/forums.

Have a go hero - doing more with the thing

In this chapter we set up a bare-bones install of WordPress MU. Before we start expanding it, why not familiarize yourself with a few of the features. Make some posts on the front page, and perhaps create a few fake users and blogs to populate the site a little. Try adding some new links to some of the blogs or uploading some videos.

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