Time for action enabling registrations

Follow the steps mentioned next to enable registrations:

1. Expand the Site Admin side panel and click on options.

2. Under Allow new registrations, select the radio button that says Enabled Blogs and user accounts can be created.

3. Scroll down and click Update Options.

What just happened?

By now you should be getting a feel for the WordPress MU admin panel. It's a lot like the traditional WordPress admin panel, just with a few more options. We've temporarily turned on registrations for both new users and new blogs. We will be changing this option later, but for now this will allow us to test the registration process to make sure everything is working smoothly.

Let's make sure that everything is working. Go to the front page of the site; it should look something like the following:

This ¡s a WordPress Mu powered site. You can:

• Edit this file at wp-cQntent/ttieraes/IiQme/IiQme .php with your favourite text editor and customize this screen.

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