Time for action setting up contact forms

Let's set up a contact form:

1. Download Contact Form 7 from


2. To install, upload the contents of the archive file to /wp-content/plugins.

3. Activate the plugin and go to the settings page (Tools | Contact Form 7). You can also access the page by clicking Settings under the plugin name, which appears on the Manage Plugins page.

4. You can add new fields using the Generate Tag drop-down menu.

5. Further down the admin page you will see options to set error messages (such as the message users will see if they miss out a required field, or if they try to upload a file that is too big).

6. Once you have created the form, make a note of the tag at the top of the screen (in our case this was [contact-form 1 "Contact form 1"] ).

7. Create a new page (Pages | Add New) called Contact Us, add a short message to the page, and then paste the contact form tag into the page.

8. Depending on the theme you are using, you may need to add the Pages widget to your sidebar so that visitors can find the new page.

9. Your page should look something like this:

What just happened?

Contact Form 7 is a powerful contact form tool that supports CAPTCHAs (via the Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin), file uploads, drop-down menus, and more.

You can define multiple contact forms and have each one submit to a different email address. This could be useful if you wish to have different people contacted for, say, advertising queries, news submissions, and tech support.

You can also have a contact form submit to multiple email addresses. So, as well as having the relevant person receive a copy of each message, the site administrator could ensure they receive a copy of all messages too.

You can set a prefix for each message, in addition to the subject line the visitor sets. For example, if you set the prefix to [Slayer-Forml], all emails from that contact form will have a subject line that begins with that text. You can use this to set up filters in your email application, making it easy to prioritize emails from different contact forms.

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