Time for action social bookmarking links

Download the social bookmarking script from


Upload the /images/ folder to the root of your web site.

Upload the social-bookmarking.js file to the root of your site.

Open the index.php file of the theme you are using on the main blog and look for the line that says:

<p><?php _e('Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.');

Add the following code after this line:

<h1>Bookmark This</h1>

<style="text-align: center;"><script src="http://www.slayercafe.


Do the same for any themes that are likely to be used by your users.

When you view a post, you should see some bookmarking buttons at the bottom.

What just happened?

We have added a simple JavaScript bookmarking script to all of the sites on our blog. The script is created by Hugo Haas (http://larve.net/people/hugo/) and is easy to edit and maintain.

If you don't like the services that are listed, you can remove them by looking for the line that references them—for example, to remove Segnalo just delete the line that says the following:

add_tool('segnalo', 'Segnalo', 'http://segnalo.com/post.html.php?url=' + url + '&amp;title=' + title);

To add a new bookmarking tool, you will need to find out the URL format that it uses for submissions and then add a line to the script that reads as follows:

add_tool('SITENAME', 'SITENAME', 'http://SITEURL/SUBMISSIONURL. php?url=' + url + '&amp;title=' + title);

Then, create an image in the /images/ folder called SITENAME.png.

Have a go hero - Digg this

If you are running a site such as a technology, gaming, or programming-related blog network that would attract Digg readers, then you could add a Digg button to each new post that shows the number of "Diggs" the post has had and allows the reader to submit the post to Digg.com if it has not already been submitted.

Here is the code for such a button:

<script src="http://digg.com/tools/diggthis.js" type="text/ javascript"></script>

You don't have to limit yourself to Digg; there is a huge range of social bookmarking sites to choose from. Not all of those sites will suit your niche, but the ones that do could be a great source of traffic.

For some inspiration, refer to the list of popular social bookmarking web sites available at http://www.searchenginejournal.com/12 5-social-bookmarking-sites-importance-of-user-generated-tags-votes-and-links/6 06 6/.

Pop quiz - traffic building

1. Trackbacks are:

a) Sent to blog aggregators when a new post is made.

b) Sent by blog owners when they write a blog post that links to yours.

c) A way to undo a blog post you have made by mistake.

2. Pings, in the context of the blog world, are:

a) A way you can check if a server is accepting connections.

b) Sent out from your blog to inform blog aggregators a new post has been made.

c) A noise made when a visitor clicks on a link on your blog.

3. FeedBurner can be used to:

a) Keep track of how many people have subscribed to your blog.

b) Alert you if your blog's feed is being used for unusual purposes.

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