Time for action subdomains under WHM

1. Log in to your WHM control panel. This is a feature of most good cPanel hosts and is usually found on port 2087; so, in our case that would be http://slayercafe.com:2 08 7. (Your host may use a different port, in which case you may need to consult your host's support pages.)

2. Click on DNS Functions. Then click on Edit DNS Zone when the next screen appears.

3. Select the domain name of your WordPress MU site and select Edit. Scroll down to the section that says Add New Entries Below this Line and create a new A record with the value * . The 'IP or Hostname' box should contain the IP address of the site:

Add New Entries Below this Line





T1 |lP or Hostname

4. Click Save and then reopen the Edit Zone page to make sure the change was saved correctly. If the records are still there, great! It will take a while for the change to actually affect the site, but you can be confident it has worked.

Finding your site's IP

If you aren't sure what the IP address of your site is, you can find it either by looking at the other records listed in the zone (the A record for the site's domain name itself will contain the IP of the site) or by opening a command prompt and typing mydomain.com. The IP address is the four sets of numbers after Reply from when the command runs.

What just happened?

We've just set up a hostname record, which tells the DNS server that any request to anything.slayercafe.com should go to the slayercafe.com server. This will be useful later because WordPress MU will use this functionality to offer users myname.slayercafe.com blogs.

If you're not using cPanel hosting, you may need to email your host to ask them to set up the wildcard subdomains for you.

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