Time for action working with cPanel

Just follow the steps mentioned next to configure your live server:

1. Log in to your site's cPanel. The address for this will most likely be included in the email your host sent you when you created an account.

2. Click on the MySQL Databases icon—this is usually the picture of a dolphin.

3. Enter the name of the database you want to use for WordPress MU and click create database.

4. Create a new user and enter a secure password. Make a note of the password you enter, as you will need it later.

5. Scroll down to the Add Users To Your Database section and select your new user and database. Leave the All box checked and click Add User to Database.

What just happened?

Good news! That was the last preparatory step before we can get on with installing WordPress MU. cPanel makes it easy to set up users and databases. WordPress MU will need the login details that we just created so that it can connect to our MySQL server and store setup information, along with the information relating to blogs that users will create on our blog network.

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