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Content And Conversation

Multiple linear feet of shelves in bookstores are filled with volumes that will improve your writing voice, literary style, blogging techniques, and other aspects of your content creation abilities. One of our goals for this book is define the visual, stylistic, and context management mechanisms you can build with WordPress to shape vibrant user communities around your content. That context stimulates conversation with your readers. It's not just about the words in each post, or even if you're an interesting writer. How will people find you How will you stand out in the crowd How do you put your own imprint on your site, and personalize it for whatever purpose personal, enterprise, community, or commercially measured Conversely, your Twitter updates may appear in your WordPress blog's sidebar, marrying the ultrashort content timeline to the more thoughtful one. If you're active on Facebook, you can import blog entries into a public figure page (you're a writer, if not a more famous...

Usability And Usability Testing

Your client is probably not the end user. Furthermore, your clients do not know what their users really want. For that matter, anyone in the content creation side of things, be they developers or writers, do not know what the eventual users the readers really want, unless there is some sort of feedback mechanism, such as testing. Web design is one of those weird trades where everyone thinks they know what is best. Think back to the marketing person who wanted every element to be the most important element on the page, which in the end created a wash of blinking badges.

Using After the Deadline

Once you click the plugin icon, After the Deadline will start analyzing your content for common grammatical errors and less common mistakes, often made by writers, including passive voice, double negatives, bias language, clich s, jargon, and much more. Errors will become underlined and clickable. Once clicked, a menu will expand, showing you the mistake and offer suggestions on how to correct it.

Customizing Your Workspace

For example, in a newsroom-style environment with multiple writers and editors, the most important aspects of the Write Post and Write Page screens are the title, content area, and excerpt. Of secondary importance are categories and possibly custom fields for associated images or other related items.

Keeping things organized

Blogging (or managing a WordPress site) doesn't have to be a solitary venture. Loads of well-know blogs out there feature multiple user roles, from writers to editors and administrators. In this chapter, you'll learn how to get multiple people posting on the same blog, manage the workflow across all those people, and put categories and tags to work in organizing your site's content. Thanks for Mutton is an online magazine OK, a blog that publishes about food and cooking from a uniquely geeky point of view. You've been brought in to bring some organization not only to the site (which runs on WordPress) but also to your group of staff writers and contributors. Let's take a look and see what you've got to work with. Every staff writer is using the same login to add posts the, blog in WordPress. On top of that, it's the administrator's login, which means writers could have access to lots of sensitive stuff This tan't be good- Every staff writer is using the same login to add posts the,...

User Roles and Delegation

Delegation of authority goes up the hierarchy of users, not down from an editor to an individual author. In a typical publishing environment, an editor will be able to dole work out to writers and composition experts, creating a workflow for the finished product that is organized in a tree structure similar to an organizational chart. WordPress mobilizes the leaves in that tree structure every user that has contributor or author privileges can create content (and upload files, in the case of authors), and manage publishing of their own posts. Deciding how and where to divide responsibilities is a key part of establishing a CMS framework with WordPress

Composing and Formatting a Post

Writing is a very personal activity, and every writer has a list of particular tools, pens, notebooks, and the like that he prefers. Writing in your WordPress blog is just like jotting something down in your favorite notebook, except that you have no notebook, and you aren't actually committing ink (or graphite) to paper. WordPress gives you two different ways to interact with the Post panel the Visual Editor and HTML view. Both features allow you to write and format a post just in different ways. Choose whichever feature you're more comfortable with.

Remote Publishing and Posting by Email

Popular desktop clients include MarsEdit and the BlogMate plugin for TextMate on the Mac, and BlogDesk, Windows Live Writer, and Word 2007 for Windows. Desktop clients allow you to write while offline and post when you are connected to the internet. Before autosaving and spell checking were available in the WordPress edit screens, desktop clients were essential for many bloggers.

Designing a Portfolio

I redesigned my portfolio in summer 2009 using WordPress thinking of the three things mentioned previously. The whole idea was to make it easy to update, offer the content smartly, and present the services provided as a designer, developer, and writer. I wanted to make use of big images and put my design work in the center, featuring big graphical blocks. However, I also wanted to make sure that any new writing gigs got some exposure when they came up, so that was something to consider as well. There isn't always a graphic chunk to show off, and that means that I couldn't build it entirely around that.

To Extend Your Blog

The advent of blogging as a popular mainstream activity signified a new trend in communication. It is now possible for anyone to get her feet wet with self publishing, and free, open source solutions like WordPress have played a large role in that. Traditional journalism has eyed blogs suspiciously, considering them something only untrained, unvetted writers do. A cold war arose as the traditional means for disseminating news and information shifted from the front page of the newspaper to the home page of a Web site. Later, the same type of conflict developed between bloggers and communications professionals.

Share This plugin

Here is another quick and easy setting that you can enable to potentially drive new traffic to your store. The Share This plugin is popular amongst writers of general WordPress blog posts. It enables readers to save a post they like to numerous popular social bookmarking networking sites like Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, and Facebook.

Discussing the News

You and your writers might post a long, thought-out opinion piece or a proposal for a new direction your group might take, and from that trigger a substantial debate with your readers. In these situations, your readers might not want any distractions from the conversation or the debate. Their main aim in visiting the page is to continue taking part in that debate.

Unified Logins

You may wonder why you should even consider using your own sign-in procedure if you can lean on those giants. Most WordPress sites don't have their own sign-in procedures for anyone other than the actual writers and administrators, at least not for commenting. It is usually enough to leave a name and an e-mail address. However, if you want sign-ins, one of the unified solutions is worth considering. I would like to point to OpenID, but the truth is that Facebook Connect is way more user-friendly (right now) and besides Facebook is an OpenID member so it isn't such a big deal after all.

Web Resource

Windows Live Writer is available at http writer. In order to get started with Microsoft's Windows Live Writer, fire up the application. If it is your first time setting up a blog in Windows Live Writer, follow these steps to get up and running 1. On the Configure Live Writer screen, click the Next button to begin the configuration process.

Figure 143

Enter your WordPress URL, username, and password when configuring your blog. If Windows Live Writer can't find your XML-RPC endpoint, add xmlrpc.php on the end of the WordPress URL. During initial configuration, Windows Live Writer downloads your theme stylesheet so it can apply styling to your writing. It will never be an exact replica of how it will look on your site, but it will at least give you a sense of the formatting. In addition to a smart working interface, Windows Live Writer provides a basic photo editing and layout interface, YouTube integration, and many more features that provide much more flexibility when dealing with rich media than the standard WordPress interface. If you plan to write your content offline and you're using Windows XP or Vista, Windows Live Writer is the best client to use.

Your first comment

Now let's see what it's like to post a comment. One of the great things about blogs is that they give you, the writer, the opportunity to spark a conversation with your readers. WordPress comes with a fantastic commenting system that allows visitors to add comments to your blog. To add your own comment to your first post, click on the No Comments link underneath your first post. You'll be taken to the post's individual page at the bottom, where you can find a comment form like this

Blog Desk Windows

Getting started with BlogDesk isn't quite as intuitive as Windows Live Writer. When you launch the application for the first time, it immediately takes you to the new post window. While that may be generally acceptable and optimal, a blogger cannot publish a new post without setting up BlogDesk to connect to a WordPress account.


If you're running a multi-writer WordPress site, remember that all of the content is stored in the same MySQL database, making it easy for other users to see the current state of the content. WordPress provides the wp_transition_post_status () function for plugins that want to catch individual post

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