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Linking to a You Tube Video

Like audio files, video files are not handled by web browsers as HTML, JPEG, PNG, and GIF files are. However, support for Flash is so widespread that it's the next best thing. You can usually count on a YouTube video to play in your browser as if YouTube were a file type supported in the HTML specification. Follow these steps to insert a YouTube video into a blog post 1. Go to YouTube, find the URL of the video file you want to use, and copy it. You can get the URL from the top of the browser window or from within a box that YouTube provides with videos giving the HTML code. For WordPress, you only need the URL, not the HTML code.

Inserting Video Files into Your Blog Posts

Several video galleries on the Web today allow you to add videos to blog posts Google's YouTube service (http is a good example of a third party video service that allows you to share videos from their service. To add video from the Web, click the Add Video icon, then click the From URL tab and follow these steps Type the full URL, including the http and www portion of the address. Video providers, such as YouTube, usually list the direct link for the video file on their sites you can copy and paste it into the Video URL text box. The previous steps give you the ability to insert a hyperlink that your readers can click and view the video on another web site (like WordPress also has a nifty feature called Auto-Embed that automatically embeds videos within your posts and pages by simply typing the URL for the video into the body of your post, or page. WordPress will automatically detect that a URL you typed in your post is a video from YouTube (for example)...

The Embed Media Button

You can choose from different file types, but because we're dealing with video here, there really is only one choice most people will need to make and that's Flash. It's become the default standard on the Internet and, more importantly, it's what most video-sharing sites like YouTube use. If you have your own video that you've saved as an SWF Flash file, you would first upload it to the WordPress media library and then get the URL and paste it here. Or if the video is from a sharing site like YouTube, you would copy the URL and paste it here. For one thing, video-sharing sites do the automatic conversion to Flash of whatever kind of file you have. Then there's the question of server space and bandwidth they have lots and you not so much. Finally, your video has a chance of being seen by even more people and you can link back to your own website for more exposure. Is there any other way to video If the URL is not from a video-sharing site, which usually makes it clear whether or not...

Podcasting and Videos

If you're going to be working with more than the occasional video on your site, it's well worth installing a plugin to help display and manage them. One of the most powerful for managing videos is wordTube because it creates its own library from which you can create various playlists. It also handles audio files and lets you upload your videos as well as pasting URLs from third-party video sites like YouTube. Another very popular plugin that handles both audio and video is podPress, although at the time of writing it hadn't been updated in quite some time. If you want a very simple way to manage links to videos on third-party sites, Viper's Video Quicktags is a popular plugin for that. It creates buttons on your Text Editor for a number of popular video sites, such as YouTube and Vimeo, while giving you lots of customization options for the display of the videos.

Adding Video and Audio

The first decision you'll need to make when putting video on your site is whether to have a simple link or to actually have the video playing within your web page. In the course of showing you how each is done, I'll cover the second decision, which is whether to store your own video files on your server or on a video-sharing site like YouTube.

Making the Most of Imagesharing Services

For sites running on limited hardware or shared hosting accounts, it may be crucial to save on both space and bandwidth, and what better way than to host the videos on YouTube and the images on Flickr The same actually applies to larger sites not generating much money, but they tend to be able to afford custom solutions like stored data in the cloud or static files on servers. There is money to be saved here, by doing a YouTube with images as well. After all, even the best of them are embedding videos these days, so why not images Naturally there are drawbacks, most importantly the fact that if your image host goes out of business you'll lose all your images. You can sort that out with backups, of course, but you'd need to put them in again manually. On the other hand, these services are rarely small players, and if you stick to the big ones it isn't likely they'll go away. Again, if you can rely on YouTube you should be able to rely on the likes of Flickr. There is some trust...

Optimizing for text and mobile browsers

Mobile Safari attempts to be standards compliant and, apparently, does a pretty good job of it. If you've followed this book's guidance on creating W3C standards-compliant XHTML markup and CSS in the creation of your template, your WordPress site will most likely show up stunningly on an iPhone or iPod Touch. The only major drawback I've seen in the Mobile Safari browser is the lack of Flash support that is tough if your site has (or relies on) Flash content (this includes embedded YouTube, Google Video, or Jumpcut clips) on your site.

Getting things moving

Video can add a whole other dimension to your blog. For nearly any kind of content, video makes your site more engaging, and gives you readers plenty more to comment on and share with their friends. In this chapter, you'll learn how to host your videos online and include them (along with other downloadable files) in your blog posts. We'll introduce plug-ins, which do a lot of heavy lifting (and coding) for you, and use categories to create a consistent, easy-to-find home for all the videos on your site.

Figure 133

As the Internet becomes more of a venue for rich media like video and audio, new problems arise with searchability. When search engines index a page, they read the generated HTML in its entirety, then process it through algorithms and parsing engines to decipher the page. If you embed a YouTube video, however, the search engines are not going to see it. The search engines are only going to see code like the example shown in Listing 13.1.

Where to Host Video

YouTube is an incredible resource for web video. There are other sites with some similarities, but YouTube is what's called a category killer, a leader that defines the market, sets standards, and holds most of the market share. Of course, a market usually involves money, and money has been hard for YouTube to find. Even with the deep pockets of Google, which acquired YouTube a few years ago, behind it, there's still a lot of concern about whether YouTube can make enough money to be viable. Until things change, YouTube will do a lot for you, all for free. You can use YouTube to upload video to the YouTube site. YouTube will compress the video quite harshly, but, as the saying goes, whaddya want for nothing YouTube will then host it and provide you with the HTML code to paste into your web page. All you need to do is paste the code in and be thankful you can get so much done for you for free. If YouTube isn't good enough, WordPress offers a great alternative VideoPress. For about 60...

Video Press Upgrade

VideoPress is an impressive service that seems designed and priced for moderately large-scale operators. If you want to experiment, or host just a few videos, you're much better off hosting them on YouTube or your own server, then linking to the video from within your WordPress blog, as described in this chapter.

Lesson Requirements

A post with text and a video from YouTube that you would like to embed. Find the post you want and click Edit. Make sure you're in the Visual mode of the Text Editor. Position your cursor where you want the video to appear. Go to and find a video you'd like to embed.

Media Plugins

Media most often means images when it comes to WordPress sites, and that's the case on the plugin side of things as well. It's not so strange when you think about it. After all, if you want to spread a video you put it on YouTube, right That way it gets exposure and you won't have to worry about bandwidth costs for your HD masterpiece.

What Is A Lifestream

What services and content do you want to include For example, Delicious and Digg enable you to share references or interesting links with others. Flickr enables you to show your latest uploaded photos in your site, and YouTube has a service for doing the same for video. You can post what music you are currently listening to if you participate at Probably the most common is posting your current activity via Twitter. Business users can integrate with LinkedIn and other job posting sites. A business site can extend its functionality simply by combining various web resources into one site.

Video Press

VideoPress is a video hosting service and a video player offering rich, high definition (HD) video (see Figure 26.3). Users of have had access to VideoPress for some time, but now users can use it as well. The way VideoPress works is that, after purchasing the VideoPress upgrade from, users can upload videos in WordPress. org users install a plugin that ties into and enables a user to embed videos directly.

ISST Drivq

Vimeo doesn't work well with podcasting Now that we want to start syndicating our videos as a podcast, Vimeo is no longer the ideal solution for video hosting. It's worked great up until now, but the main reason it won't work for podcasting is you can't download videos from Vimeo, and that's just what iTunes does it downloads the video from the site providing the RSS feed. So we'll need to find another solution. What other option might exist for hosting our videos instead of something like Vimeo Vimeo is a great service for sharing videos through a browser, but it's not designed to be a platform to host podcasting media (audio or video) that allows people to download files. The whole idea of a podcast is that your viewer or listener should be able to take that media with them and consume it anywhere. In order to facilitate that, we have to make our videos available for download over the Web and not just for viewing. We can use our own web server for that. Vimeo-hosted


Most videos from sharing sites like YouTube will already be displayed in a good size for most purposes, but you can change the sizing in the boxes provided. If the video is one that you've uploaded (assuming you had saved or converted your file to Flash), you'll notice that you have no video controls. That's because you're embedding a straight file, with no video player built in. This is yet another reason for uploading your videos to a video-sharing site first and then embedding it in your site. Or, as I mentioned before, you can use a WordPress plugin for videos, many of which provide the necessary player.

Video Tutorials

Screenr, which launched in 2009, is a Twitter-integrated screencast recording and hosting site. The advantage over other hosts, such as YouTube, is that no screencast software is required it's built in. You only need to log in, press record, and Screenr will do the rest Note that videos are, at the time of writing, limited to five minutes in length.


Embedding video from other sites is quite easy. As of version 2.9, WordPress supports the oEmbed standard. What this means is that you don't have to paste the complicated HTML provided by sites such as YouTube. Instead, you can simply paste the URL of the video page into your post as plain text. If you turned on the oEmbed options in your Media Settings, try it out now Grab a URL from YouTube, save your post (Figure 4-35), and view it. If everything is working as expected, your plain text URL should have been replaced with a video player, as shown in Figure 4-36.

Getting Noticed

Another reason for collecting different information into one site is simply about how easy it is for others to find that information. For example, if your site functions as a family grapevine or business news aggregator it could be difficult for a family member or a possible client to keep tabs on all the different locations that you participate in. If you tweet about your baby's first steps, will your mom ever see it Does she even know what Twitter is Well, she probably does now that Oprah is on it, but can she keeps tabs on all the different places this news could be broadcast In the same vein, how will clients know to check your latest YouTube promotional video if they do not know it is even available Collecting this information into a primary source brings all these different data points in front of your audience's eyes. And in the end, it drives traffic to your site rather than away from it, because your site becomes the one true source.

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